Sunday, 27 September 2015

Genius Hour Begins!!

The kids started Genius Hour projects this month, in which kids can explore their own interests and share with others when they're ready.  This is a great way to nurture the individual, and give kids time and help to follow their passions.  They can create presentations, build a model, write a song, etc., as long as they're learning something new and sharing their knowledge with others.  As part of this, we talked a lot about the importance of taking risks, learning from our mistakes, and perseverance.  We will be working on these projects most Fridays.

Soon, this will be a model of Vesuvius and the town of Pompeii. This natural disasters team is planning to work on earthquakes afterwards.

These two boys are hacking this toy car, trying different ways of organizing the wires and seeing what happens.

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