Friday, 10 October 2014

Outdoor School and the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE

We just finished an absolutely wonderful week at Scouts Canada Camp Gardner Outdoor School.  The kids learned a lot about each other, spent some time building and strengthening their community, and survived the Zombie Apocalypse that Miss Hannah staged for them.  To do this, they had to think about their groups' needs and strengths to get through the Zombie obstacle course (crawling through a giant spider web, crossing "hot lava" with wooden beams, finding "severed fingers" in the grass, trust exercises, and building a travois or dirt sled with their lashing skills to transport the lightest team member.  It was a super fun day to end a fabulous week!

First day team building - how do we get everyone through this spider web?

Lined up along the log for a group shot!

Using our "wrapping and frapping" skills to make travois or dirt sleds.

Race time!  We were the first class whose travois did not fall apart when they were used.

The infamous "buzz ring" that the kids are now completely enamoured with - luckily, Mr. Bingley had an extra that he's lent to the class.  

Miss Hannah and her catapult.  

That small speck in the sky is actually a golden eagle!  We were able to identify it in the "Birds of Canada" book by the size, colour, and the markings on the underside of it's wing.

Pond Dipping Day!

Mr. Blake helping to supervise some of the finds.

Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse!

Miss Hannah made some scary zombie targets for us.

Miss Basarke turned into a zombie!  She loves to eat brains, I mean....hearts.

The brown trout that Miss Hannah caught in the minnow trap.

Some intense journaling going on.....

Campfire and marshmallow time!

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